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Looking for a new wastewater treatment system for your French house?

Tricel wastewater treatment systems

Tricel is one of the largest manufacturers of Wastewater treatment solutions in France. See below our range and find the right wastewater treatment system for you.

Tricel France

The company is part of the Tricel Industrial Group, an expert in innovative water treatment solutions.

The Tricel Group has factories in 5 countries and distributes its products to more than 50 countries. With 15 years of experience and 35,000 wastewater treatment systems installed in Europe, Tricel is one of the market leaders in Europe for sewage treatment systems.

Tricel Poitiers -  wastewater treatment systems
Tricel France

Tricel established operations in France in 2011 opening a manufacturing site for wastewater treatment plants near Poitiers, in Vienne (86). A second production site opened in France in 2017 (Tricel Avignon), to reinforce the position of Tricel as the n°1 manufacturer of wastewater treatment plants in France.

Specialists in Assainissement Non-Collectif (ANC) and semi-collective up to 500 Population Equivalent (PE), we now offer a wide and approved range of wastewater treatment plants and compact filters to meet all the needs of individuals, professionals and communities.

Tricel France works with a network of exclusive partners composed of wastewater treatment professionals operating throughout France. Our network provides our customers with help & guidance in French administration governing the installation of new and replacement sewage systems, from the beginning of the project to after-sales service. All Tricel systems are installed and commissioned by our exclusive partners to guarantee quality and after-sales follow-up. A yearly maintenance contract is also available to our customers from our network.  


Tricel Novo wastewater treatment systems

Micro-Stations from 1 up to 60 EH

simple, robust and reliable

fixed bed technology

lightweight, easy to transport and install

 wastewater treatment systems - Tricel Seta Simplex

Compact filters up to 9 EH

ideal for holiday home

coconut fibre media filter

lightweight, easy to transport and install

What are the distances to respect in France?

This standard was introduced to prevent all dysfunction of wastewater treatment and avoid all problems when the system is running.

Distances a respecter en France -  wastewater treatment systems

This is all the distances to respect for an individual treatment system:

  • The system must be installed at least 5 meters away from any construction.
  • Must be installed at least 3 meters away from the property limit.
  • Keep the plants and trees 3 meters away from the system.
  • If the property has a well or any water collection system, it must be at a minimal distance of 35 meters of the wastewater treatment system.
  • The system must be installed 5 meters away of any area where a vehicle can be parked.

The distance can be reduced in some cases, but this case must be justified. The best is to ask a consultancy office or “Bureau d’étude” in French to find a more suitable solution for each situation.

For more information about distances, you can read the standard DTU 64.1. It is the technical document of reference for all professionals.

Is it possible to derogate from this rule?

Although these minimum distances to be maintained are legal and must be scrupulously respected, there is still derogation from the rule. In fact, in some cases, the non-respect of distances can be allowed. Nevertheless, this tolerance is limited, and the owner must justify his intention to not maintain the usual distances. For example, we can justify the presence of a system which produces drinkable water for less than 35 meters of a well. Other distances can be justified as in the preceding example. To avoid non-compliance, the best is to contact an organisation as the SPANC which can advise you. Likewise, it is strongly recommended to entrust all installation or rehabilitation work to professionals.

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