Distance for individual water treatment system.

Each dwelling must use water, and it’s even more important that this habitation produces wastewater which have to be treated to reduce the impact on the environment and the health. In this way, all the dwellings which are not linked with the public water treatment system must use an individual wastewater treatment system.

Distance for individual water treatment system

This standard was introduced to prevent all dysfunction of wastewater treatment and avoid all problems when the system is running.

This is all the distances to respect for an individual treatment system:

  • The system must be installed at least 5 meters away from any construction.
  • Must be installed at least 3 meters away from property limit.
  • Keep the plants and trees 3 meters away from the system.
  • If the property has a well or any water collection system, it must be at a minimal distance of 35 meters of the wastewater treatment system.
  • The system must be installed 5 meters away of any area where a vehicle can be parked.

However, this kind of wastewater treatment is codified strictly by law for the simple reason that it presents few risks for humans and the environment. This article is a summary about what you must know about the distances to maintain for a wastewater treatment system. Why this notion of distances to maintain? To understand why the establishment of a minimal distance is necessary, we must consider what the risks of this kind of system are for us and the environment. Indeed, wastewaters contain components which could be dangerous for health. A bad treatment system can be dangerous for the dwellers, the neighbourhood and the surrounding environment. This is why public control organisations (like the SPANC) have been created to check treatment systems are safe and match with the laws. There are laws about distances. You must notice that an installation can be rejected by the SPANC. What are the distances to maintain? For both new dwellings and in the renovation, all individual wastewater treatment systems must maintain minimal distances with all its components.

You must know that this distance can be reduced, but this case must be justified. The best is to ask a consultancy office or “Bureau d’étude” in French to find a more suitable solution for each situation. For more information about distances, you can read the standard DTU 64.1. It is the technical document of reference for all the professions. Is it possible to derogate from this rule? Although these minimum distances to be maintained are legal and must be scrupulously respected, there is still derogation from the rule. In fact, for some cases, the non-respect of distances can be allowed. Nevertheless, this tolerance is limited and the owner must justify his intention to not maintain the usual distances. For example, we can justify the presence of a system which produces drinkable water for less than 35 meters of a well. Other distances can be justified as in the preceding example. To avoid non-compliance, the best is to contact an organisation as the SPANC which can advise you. Likewise, it is strongly recommended to entrust all installation or rehabilitation work to professionals.

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Distance for individual water treatment system

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